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Re: howto reset root password with setup disk (or some other way)

* Corry Opdenakker writes:
> does anyone know how I can reset the password for root?
> A while a go someone told me that this is possible by using the install-boot
> disc or cd's.

Reboot the computer and enter at the LILO-Prompt '<imagename>

<imagename> ist the name of the Kernel you want to boot. The default is linux.

After this, remount / readwrite (with mount -n -o remount,rw /) and edit
your /etc/shadow. Remove the crypted password for root (the second
field. separator is ':'). Remount / readonly again (mount -n
-oremount,ro /) and reboot the machine.

Now you can log in as root without password.

bye Gerhard
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