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Re: HELP! 2.1 install from PCMCIA cdrom

On 28, jul, 2000 at 09:56:49 -0700, Jim Gale wrote:
> I didn't have any luck finding this topic in the archive, but I'm sure
> it's come up before...
> I'm being tortured by a Sony Vaio laptop which does not have a built in
> CDROM. Instead it has a PCMCIA connected CDROM drive. Happily the laptop
> is able to boot from the CDROM, so I just stuck my 2.1 CD in and tried
> to install Debian. It boots and I can fix up the harddrive, but
> unfortunately I can't install the operating system because Debian can't
> find the CDROM. (even though it booted from it!)

First idea:

Can you install from floppies?
Download the installfloppies for Potato and install. It's easy ...

Second idea:

Go look at:


and see if tour model is mentioned, you might find the specific hardware
address to tell the installer so you can use the CD, but then again, you
want Potato, so go the direct way and save a lot of hassle.


UNIX, reach out and grep someone!

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