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Re: how do i get sound working?

Bob <BizarroBum@netscape.net> wrote:

> alright i've read the sound-how-to but it didn't help me. my sound card is a
> "Creative Labs Audio PCI 64V".  im not sure what sound driver i should be
> using or how to set the irq, I/o port, and DMA settings... running pnpdump
> does nothing.  

I'm not awfully familiar with that card, as I have a ISA version of it.

If your card really is PCI, there's no need to configure anything except
OSS sound modules in your kernel. You did that, didn't you ?
They maybe even precompiled, check /lib/modules/<your_kernel_version>/misc
for sb.o and sbawe.o. If they are there, just "modprobe -ak sb".
There's additional docs in the kernel source tree for configuring awe...

If you want to get it the easier way, may I suggest ALSA. 
Search for alsa with dselect.


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