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How is the lifecycle of ``unstable''?


How is the lifecycle of ``unstable''?

I'm thinking about upgrading from Potato to Woody and stick with it, but
I'm a little wary that it might pose too many problems along the way.

The reason I think that is that my very first contact with Debian was
Potato as of last december, with the very first install-floppy set.
It was a war, and I soon gave up.
And that was in the install step, I guess it's somewhat easier to fix
problems when you have a system running.

Now, it seems to me that woody isn't very unstable right now (I haven't
tried, but it's not too different from Potato, right?), but will it not
become rather unstable f.ex. when perl 5.6 is introduced?

I would like to hear from someone who has used Potato since it came into
existence, and how that has been.


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