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Re: im doing a research

LêíGh wrote:
> Hi! Im a student here in the Philippines and Im currently doing a research
> on the different Linux distributors...

> I just want to ask somethings:

> 1. Since Debian is a non-profit organization, does that mean
> that you don't have any stocks information?

Yep. (no stocks)

> 2. You said that Debian is free for all the people, therefore does that mean
> you have no prices for Debian softwares?

Yep.  Download freely & free.  Burn your own CD.
Buy CDs from those who provide that service.
However you want to do it, but Debian, per se, doesn't sell software.

> 3. Who are your partners?

The members of Debian (a.k.a Developers).  Software in the Public
Have you included http://www.debian.org/ in your research?  Have you
the link anchored on "Partners"?  It'll take you to
http://www.debian.org/partners/ .
On that you'll see honorable mentions of donors of equipment and

> 4. Who are your major clients?

Every one of Debian's "clients" are as important as all the rest.  The
bug reports of each one is as respected as the next: judged on content

Since Debian is not giving any special deals to any recipient
of the distribution, nor for that matter, getting any money from any
such recipient as a precondition of receiving software, Debian has
no "clients" in the typical usage.

> 5. Who are the supporters of your major products?

The members of Debian (a.k.a Developers).  See
The upstream developers (Debian packages the software of others).  For
that, you'll have to see the individual packages.

> Thank you very much for taking time in reading and answering my email... I really
> appreciate this... Hope you could send this back as soon as possible because my
> research paper will soon be due... thanks again!! =)

If you're really researching Debian, you ought to check out the website,
and follow links. You'll get better answers there.  (At the very moment,
it seems to be down, though: very unusual).

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