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Re: HP DesignJet 750C plotter support?

On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Matthew Thompson wrote:

MT> Hello,
MT> I work for a small, marine surveying firm that uses the above mentioned
MT> plotter.  I am setting up a potato server to handle various tasks, among
MT> which should be serving print jobs to the plotter via Samba.
MT> I've been scouring the 'net and deja.com for help in configuring this
MT> without much success.  Can anyone offer any help/suggestions/pointers to
MT> helpful websites/docs?

i don't think that you need any special config for the plotter as long you not
gonna try to use it from some linux program, i used to have HPLJ6p and i had 3
windows machines set up so they use network printer and they was actually using
windows drivers to format the printer input, samba just passed the binary file
created by the windows driver to the printer. same as if you would print to the
file on windows machine and then typed 'cp print_this.file /dev/lp1' on linux
machine what the plotter is connected to. I'm sorry but i don't remember any
specifics it's been few years :)


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