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Re: installation startup problems...

+ Screwy Squirrel <holemanj@ucs.orst.edu>:

> Howdy all!  I'm trying to get Debian installed on my new system.  It is an
> 800Mhz Athlon on an Asus motherboard.  Anyways, when I try to boot off of
> the CD(I have Debian 2.1 CDs from LSL, and a 2.1 CD from the Sams book),
> the boot up never finishes.
> [...]
> Anyone out there have any ideas what might be wrong?

It seems to be a problem with the old 2.0.x kernel used for slink. Some
Athlon specific things I guess. I did not solve the problem with slink -
I switched to potato and it works.

It should be possbile to get a newer kernel and use it at install. But I
am not experienced with this... I stopped trying with slink as fast as
potato was in the 2nd test cycle.

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