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Re: fetchmail troubles

On 21 July 2000 at 8:51, Christoph Simon <ciccio@prestonet.com.br> wrote:
> I'm experiencing odd problems retrieving my mail using fetchmail on
> debian frozen. No matter what options I give, the last message always
> hangs. The size of the message is correctly displayed, and I can see
> the message in /var/spool/mqueue, but it never ends, continuing
> sending just spaces, megas of spaces. When I kill fetchmail the smtp
> server (windows nt) keeps the mail box locked for an uncomfortable
> long time, but nobody else seems to complain about this problem. I
> tested the latest version of fetchmail and the same result. Is this a
> kernel (2.2.16) or a sendmail issue (I'd liked to avoid messing around
> with sendmail)? I used the verbose option but couldn't get any clue.

Could you perhaps provide a little more information about your
fetchmail setup and sendmail configuration?  As for me, I've never had
problems with fetchmail for POP.  My fetchmailrc looks like this:

set daemon 60
poll studentmail.imsa.edu proto pop3 user "tessone" pass "PASSWORD" fetchall


Christopher Tessone                                   Computer Programmer
Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy     Learning-at-a-Distance Program
GnuPG Key: http://www.imsa.edu/~tessone/mykey.asc

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