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Does anybody have problems with IMP and mysql?
it gives me problems with mysql-server    3.23.21-2 
but I don't have those errors with mysql-server    3.22.30-2 for example.

Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong with it?

Here is a sample error:
Database error: Invalid SQL: insert into active_sessions ( sid, name, val, changed ) values ('eb3d6c0579db65f8c48a170778a770e8', 'HordeSession',
'base64:JHRoaXMtPmluID0gJyc7ICR0aGlzLT5wdCA9IGFycmF5KCk7IA==', '20000721162513')
MySQL Error: 1062 (Duplicate entry 'HordeSession-eb3d6c0579db65f8c48a170778a770e8' for key 1)
Session halted.

I undestand the error, I just don't know why it works with older versions of mysqld and not with the latest ones.

Marcin Kurc
Indiana Institute of Technology
System Administrator
http://me.indtech.edu 		http://www.indtech.edu

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