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Re: Helix Gnome Evolution 0.3

> ** On Jul 29, Ethan Pierce scribbled:
> > The main reason I am psyched for evolution is my girlfriend cant grasp pine
> > or mail.  She needs something graphical.  If I can avoid booting windows2000
> > so she can read her email in outlook I will be happy as a clam...hence
> > evolution is the perfect solution for the ms llamas :)
> And this is a perfect reasong for Evolution existence :-)), and a
> confirmation of what I wrote before. But, wrt. graphical clients - there are
> more than just Evolution - Netscape Communicator, balsa (also a GNOME app),
> heck - even the (X)Emacs VM can be considered graphical if used with XEmacs
> :)) and probably many more I haven't heard of :)
> marek

don't forget mh (or nmh) and exim


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