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[no subject] !ae as default text-editor on base-install "" is busy "apropos" won't stop "Cannot find map file" "no DRQ after issuing WRITE" "NOQUEUE: Authentication-Warning:" 'deep' exim rbl filtering (Kein Betreff) (no subject) Re: (slink+0.75)->potato login problem (solved) Re: simple dhcp questions... Re: *.deb files : installation .deb packages and X Re: .muttrc /bin/kill : Where art thou? /etc/modules load/don't load /etc/mtab wiped clean after mke2fs is run 128 bit encryption netscape? 2 questions 2.2 kernel and frozen Re-2: reread inetd.conf 2gig file 3c90x woes 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 setup Re: <pedantic>Scale</pedantic> <pedantic>Scale</pedantic> Was [Re: Combining 4 C-class networks: how?] Re: [Debian]:MySQL als .deb ? Re: [Debian]:Re: dateien wiederherstellen und umlautprobleme Re: [Debian]:was machen wenn *.deb zu alt ist? [ logs] [NEWBIE ALERT] Interchangebility of manual install vs dselect/dpkg [NEWBIE] Japanese keyboard [oclug] dhcpcd problems [OFF-TOPIC] Debian developer (me) seeking employment [OFFTOPIC] Eudora mail client behind MASQ'ing debian? [ot] desperate. anyone used webcombo? (isp) [Q] virus susceptibility data Re: [Re: editors and browsers] [Updated] PPP Rx errors... Re: [why is kernel recompilation necessary?] __STDC__ About display About Kernel About ReiserFS for Debian (and others). About Staroffice Accent characters (was Re: Nouvelle version) accented caraceres and Tcl/Tk problem Accents (was: Re: Nouvelle version) Accton Cheetah PCI network card ack! ssh, telnet and smtp don't accept outside requests Adding sound card ? ADSL CICSO 675 Debian advanced power management and linux? Advansys 3940UA Ultra-SCSI controller recommended? AfterStep and using Themes Again about random signatures... Alsa-modules alternatives to fdisk Amanda backup: Labeling Tapes AMD Processor analog.cfg annoying C-s terminal freeze Annoying message Another ethernet configuration problem Re: Any recommendations for notebooks that work well with Linux? Any recommendations for notebooks that work well with Linux? anyone know ipmasqadm AnyOne know of GUI for perl CPAN installs?? anyone knowledgeable enough pls help! Re: anyone knowledgeable enough pls help! (fwd) Apach mod_include apache & php Apache default configuration? apache segfaults Re: Apache Web Server question Apache-newby apache-ssl won't render Re: Apache-www-pages pr... now working Re: Apache-www-pages protection... now working Apache-www-pages protection? apache.. how to keep newer verison than that of Debvian apt-get apsfilter and dselect apsfilter on Epson Stylus Color... Who can help? apt files to CD? APT or FTP error. apt sources apt-get apt-get can't find unstable non-us packages apt-get problem apt-get problems apt-get source? apt-get upgrade problems apt-get upgrade: now I can not login at ALL!!!help apt-move and alternate config file apt-move, merge ?? apt-zip Are i386 binaries ok ? asking x not to listen on an interface ATA 66 support in Debian ATAPI device Unknown Error Attempt to access beyond end of device Audio CD's won't play Aureal sound autoconf, default sysconfdir value Autologin on Serial Console automated data distribution Back up ideas??? Background mail transfers bad package install help!! Bad symlinks with CD-RW's bash ls in color begone ctrlaltdel! BIOS and hardware configuration for GA-5AX Gigabyte mainboard Blowfish boa & doc-central -- Work for anyone? Bogus BogoMips with new kernel? Boot floppy - quick qstn Boot floppy [URGENT] Re: Boot floppy [URGENT] [SOLVED] bootdisk to automate custom installs Brazilian mirrors (was: Re: Kernel Source Code [New User]) Bridging Re: Broken mime handling in netscape broken mouse in x session broken mouse in x session (CORRECTION) Re: broken mouse in x session -- FIXED! Bug in ipchains... or is it... bug in xdm 3.3.6-10 ?? bug of sh ? bugs during install of Potato TC2 Building Debian Packages by Example: Packaging dlkern Building KDE2 from CVS Building PHP 4.0.1pl2(woody) on potato burner & sound bye Can i run solaris binaries under Debian Linux/SPARC ? Can't compile pcnet_cs can't find lib*.so Can't get Voodoo 3 3000 to work on slink! Can't get WordPerfect installed can't login with kdm Can't mount cd when using SCSI emulation can't remove "directories" Can't use USRobotics detect Can't Write To Temporary User Settings Files During Install cannot compile ppp-2.4.x Cannot echo capital M cannot start ALSA cannot talk with AT modem Canonical domain names for private LANs? Cant find bzImage CD-Rom CD-ROM drive being accessed/wrecked? CD-RW (scsi emulation) & Autofs cdrom cant read audio cds? Changes in ext2 changing distributions changing imp DB Changing NICs Changing source CD in potato The last update was on 21:11 GMT Sun May 24. There are 3164 messages. Page 1 of 7.

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