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Re: I need help please

* Melissa Stirling in "I need help please" dated 2000/07/18 10:22
* wrote:

> I have a customer who would like to purchase a Toshiba from me and
> intends to run Debian Linux as the operating system.
> His question is this:
> He will either buy the Satellite Pro 4320 or 4270 which have with an
> AGP or PCI 3D Savage graphics card built in, does Debian support this
> hardware please?

To the programs running there's not much difference between AGP/PCI but
the S3 Savage is listed in the XFree cards database, so yes it should

> He also intends to use a 3Com PCMCIA 10/100BaseT Ethernet card with
> it to, model no. 3CCFE575BT.  Do you know if this is also supported?

I've had only good luck with the 3Com PCMCIA cards, so I would suspect
it will work w/no problem.

You should look at the Linux Laptop page (url not handy) for some real
information though.

Ashley Clark

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