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Re: ifconfig krashes system

possible a bad NIC ?? i would imagine it is the NIC that is locking the
system not ifconfig.

try changing NICs(both of them)


On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Michael Haarman wrote:

mike >No, really.  I am going unsane with this.
mike >
mike >The saga begins with an upgrade to potato and fresh 2.2.15 kernel
mike >sources.  I had hoped to support my wife's Windows VPN client through
mike >a firewalling gateway by patching with jhardin's VPN-Masquerading kit.
mike >Everything is going peachy, new kernel runs smooth, loads fast, sees
mike >NetGear FA310TX NICs (two), tulip driver, IP_Masq mods loading; all
mike >good.  Come to this command:
mike >
mike ># ifconfig eth1 netmask up
mike >
mike >and the system locks.  No response from keyboard, the three-finger
mike >salute fails, must reset machine.
mike >
mike >I have compiled at least six fresh kernels, make clean each time,
mike >mv-ing  /lib/modules/x.x.xx before make modules_install, depmod -a,
mike >update-modules.  (Yes, I even remembered to run lilo.)  I've compiled
mike >NIC drivers as mods and monolithic.  I blew away the sources and started
mike >fresh without the patch.  I even removed one of the NICs, though kernel
mike >saw both on boot.  Now I've got a clean 2.2.15 kernel with bare minimum
mike >support for IP_Masq and drivers, machine runs linux only, no X, 
mike >minimum of services as befits a firewall.  K5-100Mhz, 32Mb RAM, 850Mb
mike >IDE hd, one NIC as above.
mike >
mike ># ifconfig
mike >
mike >--shows lo interface
mike >
mike ># ifconfig -a
mike >
mike >--shows lo and eth0 (no assigned address yet).  It also showed both
mike >cards at eth0 and eth1 when both were installed.
mike >
mike >Assigning an address to the ethernet interface brings down the whole
mike >system.  The ppp interface comes up without difficulty when called upon.
mike >
mike >I've read the last 50 messages in the list archive which mentioned
mike >"ifconfig" and I've not seen a similar issue.
mike >
mike >Clues anyone?
mike >
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