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Re: IP namesever

> ... ppp connection...IP address of the namesever is necessary to connect [?]

The IP address of the nameserver is not necessary for a ppp connection,
but it is necessary to have in a "nameserver I.i.P.p" entry in
/etc/resolv.conf in order to use DNS names rather than IP addresses
after you've completed the ppp connection.  In fact, if the ISP has
configured properly, the server shall send the nameserver data, with
which your configurator ought to create /etc/resolv.conf.  But you'll
have to make sure that /etc/nsswitch.conf has a "hosts dns" entry,

You may want to read the NET*-HOWTOs and DNS-HOWTO on

> sorry about the newbie question.

Don't worry about it:  we've all started as newbie, even the most
expert of us, of whom I'm not one... yet.

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