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Re: Http Mail

On Tue, Jul 04, 2000 at 12:28:15PM +0000, ktb wrote:
> Previ wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> >    Please Cc me as I am not on the list.
> >     Previ mailto:previ_pc@yahoo.com
> > 
> > Where can I find details about http mail which, so far I have seen, only
> > available
> > MS mail clients like Outlook Express?  Is this an MS proprietary format
> > implemented only by hotmail and accessible only by MS mail clients?
> > Is there any RFCs on this?
> > 
> > Your time is appreciated.
> What are you talking about?  Am I not understanding you?  You can use
> hotmail through netscape on Linux if you like.  You wouldn't use hotmail
> through outlook express.  There are many places to sign up for free http
> mail.  Hotmail does suck though.  Too much spam.  
> hth,
> kent
Actually you can use hotmail through Outlook Express, at least there's
an option for it, I've never managed to make it work!

For checking your hotmail I once heard about a script named "gotmail",
I think, which could do the trick, YMMV.


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