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Re: How to install Acroread

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Nianwei Xing wrote:

> Hi, debians:
> I am a new comer for Debian. I just want to install
> acroread on my machine. I am not the super user and
> also I have download the linux-ar-405.tar.gz.
> Any infomation is appreciated!
> Nianwei

acroread is packaged (there is a .deb in any debian site). So you can
download it. The NORMAL way to install a package is to ask the sysadmin
(the superuser). However, you can try unpacking it (try alien -- hope you
have this at least), and then making an exhausting re-configuration
(e.g. make it use something like /home/user/mypackage/etc instead of /etc
for configuration files). Also not all packages may be installed without
root permissions (I hope acroread is not one of them).

Hope someone makes a better offer,

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