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Re: Howto start X server on psuedo-tty or a FIFO

Dinesh Nadarajah <dindin2k@yahoo.com> writes:
DN> Is it possible to start the X server (and hence all
DN> the apps that run under it) on a psuedo-tty or a FIFO
DN> device?

This doesn't make sense.  What are you really trying to do?

DN> When X starts up, it run on tty1 or something like that.

Normally, the XFree86 server grabs a virtual console, since its
display needs to go *somewhere*.  There's not really a way to get
around this, nor should there be.[1]

DN> I would like to run on a psuedo-tty or a FIFO so that it can
DN> receive all input from them.

Normally, the X server gets input from a keyboard, and a mouse, and
whatever X clients connect to this.  There's no way to funnel all of
this over a single FIFO.  So...?

[1] The Xvfb server has no display at all, so it doesn't need a tty.
    The Xnest server displays to a window; it's both an X client and
    an X server.

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