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Re: how to configure the networks card in RedHat

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Nianwei Xing wrote:

> Hi,linux:
> I just install RedHat 6.2 with ftp. After
> installation, I find that the netscape do not work. I
> went to "Control Panel" to configurate the networks,
> and find that under that item "interface" that my
> machine is at the status "inactive" and I make it
> "active" and then save it. After that I reboot my
> machine and find that the status is still "inactive".
> Does anybody know how to handle this situation? 
> BTW, I login with root.

	I think you have the wrong mailing list. This is for Debian linux,
not RedHat. Please check this kind of thing before you mail an entire
mailing list. 
	I suggest you read the following:




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