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Re: HOW-TO report a bug?

zhaoway wrote:
> Hi,
> I cannot report a bug using neither reportbug nor bug.
> The problem is that even I have set the EMAIL environment
> or using the --email opt to set my from: line, the bug
> message sent were still using my local not-FQDN hostname
> hence got to be rejected by Debian's SMTP server. (only
> that reportbug sent a bcc: to the mail addr suggested
> in --email.) My message got rejected saying by Debian
> SMTP server that he cannot route to me after the MAIL
> FROM: <zw@thunder> .

Perhaps you can configure your MTA to rewrite the header
so that the out-going From: <zw@thunder> to From: zw@zhaoway.com ?
What MTA are you using?  I've successfully done this kind of thing
with exim.

I took out the CC: to debian-simplified-chinese, since
I thought this was off-topic for that forum.
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