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Re: init.d

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 10:03:09AM +0930, John Pearson wrote:
> Scripts in the Debian init.d directories are run using
> run-parts. Run-parts ignores scripts that don't conform to
> certain naming conventions:
>        run-parts runs a number of scripts or programs found in  a
>        single  directory  directory.   Filenames  should  consist
>        entirely of upper and lower case letters,  digits,  under-
>        scores,  and  hyphens.   Subdirectories  of  directory and
>        files with other names will be silently ignored.
> So, you shouldn't use "." in script names.  This means that if
> you leave any backup files lying around (e.g., mysql-server.bak,
> mysql-server~, #mysql-server#, etc.) they won't be inadvertently
> executed.

Indeed. I like the use of ".sh" to identify bourne shells though. I find 
it slightly annoying that run-parts doesn't allow this.

Is there any particular reason why they decided to do implement
run-parts this way (apart from the .bak thing you mentioned above)?


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