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Re: find question

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your support.  I have a few more questions =)

For reference, I am running Unix Sys V 4.0.

       Numeric arguments can be specified as

       +n     for greater than n,

       -n     for less than n,

       n      for exactly n.

I find this to be a bit vague.
I want to check if a directory has been accessed withing 60 days.
So I do:
$ find <dir> -atime -60 -print

I see that <dir> is always printed. Does this mean the directory has been accessed but its files have not? Or does find print the directory all the time?

Second, a question concerning the "+" option for find.
If I do something like
$ find <dir> -atime +60 -print

Is there a ceiling as to how long it checks after 60 days? Is it until file creation?

If I access a file today,
$ find <dir> -atime +60 -print
should not print out that file because it hasn't been accessed in more than 60 days, right?

Finally, say file_a is in <dir>
$ find <dir> -atime +10 -print
$ find <dir> -atime +5 -print
$ find <dir> -atime +1 -print

Then this means it's been accessed in the last 4 days, right?

One last thing, does anyone know of a command to tell me last access date of a file?

Thank you for bearing with me on this

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