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Re: Help with mail address

Hello Cam,

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Cam Ellison wrote:

> I can't figure out how to set my email return address to what my ISP
> expects.  I am the only user on my system.  I tried to send mail out,
> with no success, eventually discovering that it was using
> root@hostname.  

You could configure your MTA to rewrite the mail-header fields (including
your return address) automatically upon send. This way you could set it
the way your ISP expects. If you use exim, install the exim-doc package
and have a look at the info-files for information on how to do it.

> I have set EMAIL to my email address, but my ISP will
> still not accept a fetchmail command, saying "connection refused".  I
> have gone through alll kinds of documentation, but the Mail HOW-TO and
> man pages are most uninformative.

Check out if you use the right protocol (POP, IMAP) (I always thought
fetchmail will autodetect this, but might be, that it fails for some
reason). Also check out, that you give it the correct account details
(either on command line or in your .fetchmailrc).


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