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ifconfig krashes system

No, really.  I am going unsane with this.

The saga begins with an upgrade to potato and fresh 2.2.15 kernel
sources.  I had hoped to support my wife's Windows VPN client through
a firewalling gateway by patching with jhardin's VPN-Masquerading kit.
Everything is going peachy, new kernel runs smooth, loads fast, sees
NetGear FA310TX NICs (two), tulip driver, IP_Masq mods loading; all
good.  Come to this command:

# ifconfig eth1 netmask up

and the system locks.  No response from keyboard, the three-finger
salute fails, must reset machine.

I have compiled at least six fresh kernels, make clean each time,
mv-ing  /lib/modules/x.x.xx before make modules_install, depmod -a,
update-modules.  (Yes, I even remembered to run lilo.)  I've compiled
NIC drivers as mods and monolithic.  I blew away the sources and started
fresh without the patch.  I even removed one of the NICs, though kernel
saw both on boot.  Now I've got a clean 2.2.15 kernel with bare minimum
support for IP_Masq and drivers, machine runs linux only, no X, 
minimum of services as befits a firewall.  K5-100Mhz, 32Mb RAM, 850Mb
IDE hd, one NIC as above.

# ifconfig

--shows lo interface

# ifconfig -a

--shows lo and eth0 (no assigned address yet).  It also showed both
cards at eth0 and eth1 when both were installed.

Assigning an address to the ethernet interface brings down the whole
system.  The ppp interface comes up without difficulty when called upon.

I've read the last 50 messages in the list archive which mentioned
"ifconfig" and I've not seen a similar issue.

Clues anyone?

Michael Haarman                                              "possum"

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