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Re: Getting mail to recognise multiple identities

tony.curzonprice@ucl.ac.uk wrote:
> A week ago or so, I posted the list asking for a nice way to get my
> mail
> client to send out from different "apparent" users - I hve my academic
> job, my consulting job, my start-up, my personal stuff. All these need
> different signatures and headers, and I was getting bored of doing it
> all by hand.

For anyone else interested, Ishmail is a GUI email app (MUA) which also
facilitates multiple identities. All you need to do is get Ishmail to
add an X-Identity header which is displayed (if you wish) at the top of
the 'Compose' window underneath 'Subject'.

You add an identifying name in the X-Identity box. If I add 'gsmh'
Ishmail looks for a folder called 'gsmh' in my home directory. In that
folder I have three files: '.headers', '.from' and '.signature'. You
just need to put into each file whatever you want to appear on emails
from that particular identity. Once it is set up it is really simple.
You should be able to see the new X-Identity header in this posting.

If you would like a GUI alternative to Pine, you might like to give
Ishmail a try. Ishmail was a commercial app but is now in the public
domain and under active development. It is based on Motif and compiles
cleanly against the now free OpenMotif. An excellent, fully featured

The new Ishmail web site is:  http://ishmail.sourceforge.net/

Phillip Deackes
Using Storm Linux

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