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Re: Is Debian the last OS ?

At 00.28 31/7/00 +1000, Mark Suter ha escrit:
>How common is the "Debian last" practice, that is, try other
>distributions (including non-GNU/Linux) and then come to Debian
>to stay?

	My experience can't be the most usual, but well, it's my experience :)

	My first GNU/L installation was Debian Hamm in 1998. I had no trouble in
the installation, but I got somewhat confused in dselect and when Debian
ended loading I got much more confused with the prompt. I colud not
distinguish between files and directories and this annoyed me a lot. Apart,
I had some strange problems with W95 A, the excrement I was using by that
times, and everytime I loaded Debian with the floppy, then, W95 did not
loaded. The ext2 partition kept sleeping for months...

	Then I used RedHat (not bad, but I had some hardware problems related to
power and I ruined a HDD) and Corel (quite disappointing). I used more
recently Slackware but I remembered Debian, and with more knowledge of the
theme, I started using Debian, which is the OS I want to run and running
now in two machines of my home.

	As the only "Linux experts" (lots of laugh) that are in my circle of
friends and relatives are a friend and me, and we are debianists, we always
recommend Debian as the only GNU/L distribution to use and start with.

	The main points that I use in defending Debian is:

	-Transparency (that overrides "ease of use"). 
	-Versatility (no 1Gb installations).
	-Non-commercial and progressive.
	-Technical support (we! :)  )
	The only problem I can find it's if the potential user does not have
fluent English.

	I don't talk as sysadmin, but as desktop user.

	On the other hand... I've never seen any stastics telling what are the
most used GNU distros. I know that more or less RedHat, SuSE, Mandrake and
Debian are the most used, but are there more exact stastics? (Damn lies,
stastics...) Hello Joey if you read me, nice reply you told to that
Security in Linux reviewer :)



>Within Humbug[1], approximately 2/5 of the membership are now
>Debian users; however, only a few went straight to Debian.
>For me, Debian is the high point in most respects on a long road.
>In my work as a Systems Administrator I have used Solaris, Irix,
>Digital Unix, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and GNU/Linux.  Within GNU/Linux,
>I've used MCC Interim Release, Yggdrasil, Slakware, Redhat and
>I still use all the non-GNU/Linux systems at work and they *do*
>have advantages, e.g. OpenBSD for security and crypto or Solaris
>for some serious 64 processor hardware; however, I believe that
>"Debian last" has allowed me to appreciate how good Debian
>GNU/Linux really is.
>Debian is improving all the time.  Given the nature of the Debian
>distribution, I think that it is inevitable that Debian attract
>more first-time users.
>I believe that Debian will get there without needing to force it
>in that direction.  For example, we Debian does auto-detection,
>it will be done *right* and this will be one step towards the
>"first distro" status.
>In any system that novices can use, the challenge is to scale
>to expert users.  By aiming at the expert/developer end of the
>spectrum, Debian has avoided this very difficult problem.
>Yours sincerely,
>-- Mark John Suter  | I know that you  believe  you understand
>suter@humbug.org.au | what you think I said, but I am not sure
>GPG key id F2FEBB36 | you realise that what you  heard  is not
>Ph: +61 4 1126 2316 | what I meant.                  anonymous
>[1] http://www.humbug.org.au/
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