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Re: im doing a research

At 20.16 17/7/00 +0800, LêíGh ha escrit:

	Hello Lêigh,

	I'd think that you'll find much more structured information regarding your
research than our answers if you go to the main Debian page
http://www.debian.org . Then you can go to the Free Software Foundation,
http://www.fsf.org and the GNU people, http://www.gnu.org . All people from
this projects are associated and you'll find there plenty of interesting
info about your questions.

	Hope it's useful,


	P.S. Tell Debian it's the best in your research, man! ;)

>Hi! Im a student here in the Philippines and Im currently doing a research
on the different Linux distributors including Debian GNU/Linux. And I am
hoping that you could help me out.
>I just want to ask somethings:
>1. Since Debian is a non-profit organization, does that mean that you
don't have any stocks information?
>2. You said that Debian is free for all the people, therefore does that
mean you have no prices for Debian softwares?
>3. Who are your partners?
>4. Who are your major clients?
>5. Who are the supporters of your major products?
>Thank you very much for taking time in reading and answering my email... I
really appreciate this... Hope you could send this back as soon as possible
because my research paper will soon be due... thanks again!! =) 
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