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Re: how to automatically execute things?

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, Joseph de los Santos wrote:

> Hi,
> Hoping someone can help me out with this..for example I want an ordinary
> user that when he or she logs in a terminal this is what will happen:
> 1.automatically starts x-window

Why not use xdm?

> 2.all hot keys will be disabled..ie cntrl+alt+del etc.

You should disable that in /etc/inittab

> 3.run netscape automatically and it will remain opened and it cannot be
> closed without giving the correct password.

Why would you want such a thing?? I mean not allowing to close netscape...
Perhaps there something in xdm that can start netscape, I don't know.

Ron Rademaker

> please help me a lost and tormented soul!
> Thank you.
> :)
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