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Re: ifconfig krashes system

On Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 09:57:25PM -0500, Michael Haarman wrote:
> The saga begins with an upgrade to potato and fresh 2.2.15 kernel
> sources.  I had hoped to support my wife's Windows VPN client through
> a firewalling gateway by patching with jhardin's VPN-Masquerading kit.
> Everything is going peachy, new kernel runs smooth, loads fast, sees
> NetGear FA310TX NICs (two), tulip driver, IP_Masq mods loading; all
> good.  Come to this command:
> # ifconfig eth1 netmask up
> and the system locks.  No response from keyboard, the three-finger
> salute fails, must reset machine.
> I have compiled at least six fresh kernels, make clean each time,
> mv-ing  /lib/modules/x.x.xx before make modules_install, depmod -a,
> update-modules.  (Yes, I even remembered to run lilo.)  I've compiled
> NIC drivers as mods and monolithic.  I blew away the sources and started
> fresh without the patch.  I even removed one of the NICs, though kernel
> saw both on boot.  Now I've got a clean 2.2.15 kernel with bare minimum
> support for IP_Masq and drivers, machine runs linux only, no X, 
> minimum of services as befits a firewall.  K5-100Mhz, 32Mb RAM, 850Mb
> IDE hd, one NIC as above.

I once had a similar problem with one of my nics cards.  I was using a 3com
3c509 card and it was trying to grab the same IRQ (10) my sound card was
using. At boot the driver loaded correctly and my system would crash when I
ran ifconfig.  Maybe you are experiencing a similar problem.  Check the IRQ
& IO settings for your cards.  I solved my problem by assigning a different
irq when I loaded the module.

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