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Re: I cannot get JunkBuster to work

> I have JunkBuster installed on Potato and it is running as a daemon but it
> won't filter anything.


I reported this bug a week ago.  The /etc/cron.weekly/junkbuster and
/etc/cron.monthly/junkbuster files grab blocklist, imagelist, cookiefile.
the /etc/junkbuster/config file looks for blockfile and imagefile.  To get
around this, manually run /etc/cron.(weekly,monthly)/junkbuster and change
/etc/junkbuster/config to read 

blockfile               /etc/junkbuster/blocklist
imagefile               /etc/junkbuster/imagelist
cookiefile              /etc/junkbuster/cookiefile

Then /etc/init.d/junkbuster restart and give it a go.  It should work now.


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