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Re: How do I get flexible email headers and sigs?

Quoth Sven Burgener, 
> Good question. Is there any way of doing this with mutt? Anyone got a
> working solution to this?

One easy way to do this in mutt is have your favourite MDA (maildrop for
me, procmail for pretty much everyone else) deliver your emails to
different addresses to different mailboxes. This is usually trivially

You can then use the `folder-hook' command in your .muttrc to set things
like your from line and signature specific to those mailboxes.

For example, I have mail from this list go into ~/mail/debian-user, so I
have the following in my .muttrc

# Stuff for the debian-user list
folder-hook +debian-user my_hdr From: dm-debian-user@empire.net.au

Which sets my email address for this list. You just have to remember
that if you want to send mail as a particular user, to do it whilst you
are in that mailbox.

The mutt manual (in /usr/share/doc/mutt/manual.txt.gz) explains it all
pretty well. It's a very flexible little program!



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