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Re: help with installing

On Wed, Jul 05, 2000 at 02:08:13PM +0200, Nisse Hellberg wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like some help installing Debian using floppies. After i've
> inserted all the 7 base disks there is a problem uncompressing the file,
> is that because i've partitionated the disk wrong?

Unlikely, unless you've run out of space.  See if you've got a console
at virtual console 2 (press <alt>F2, <alt>F1 will return you to the
first), and run "df" to check free space.

> I've got a 10GB disk and i want a root /partition, a /usr, a /home and
> 128MB of swap. Im not sure how to do this though concerning logical and
> primary partitions and what partitions should be bootable?

I tend to be a bit more partition-happy than that.  I'd recommend:

  /     -   50 - 100 MB
  /tmp  -  ~32 - 100 MB
  /usr  -    2+  GB        Should be sufficient for a large general
  /var  -  250 - 500++ MB  Need can grow appreciably with large website,
                           newsfeeds, databases, etc.
  /usr/local 2++ GB        Again, can get much larger with add'l programs.
  /home      remainder

...reason being that it makes managing, recovering, handling
emergencies, and backing up partitions a bit easier.  I've actually had
to chop things up a bit more than this as my system spans three ~2 GB 

Put your root partition on the first partition of the disk and mark it
bootable.  The remainder can be in additional primary partitions plus an
extended, or all in an extended partition.  No real difference, I've
tried it both ways.

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