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Re: Forcing X to use 100dpi fonts?

great, i'll try that out, thanks!!


On 12 Jul 2000, David Z Maze wrote:

dmaze >Try adding '-dpi 100' to your X command line, either by modifying your 
dmaze >display manager's configuration file or by tacking it on to the end of 
dmaze >a startx line (startx :0 -- -dpi 100).  Also, make sure 100dpi fonts
dmaze >are listed before 75dpi fonts in your XF86Config/xfs configuration.
dmaze >
dmaze >Keep in mind that scalable (e.g. Type 1) fonts can be scaled to any
dmaze >size at any resolution, so if the X server (or font server) believes
dmaze >that you should be using 75dpi fonts, it'll synthesize scalable fonts
dmaze >at 75dpi sizes.  This can cause some of the mixed-point-size lossage.
dmaze >
dmaze >(It also seems to me that, in the specific case of 12 pt. Helvetica,
dmaze >an exception line in the gsfonts package forces 75dpi fonts.  It'd
dmaze >help if someone else could confirm this, though.  The easiest
dmaze >workaround is to comment out the broken line in
dmaze >/etc/X11/fonts/gsfonts.alias, IIRC.  Not in front of a Debian box
dmaze >right now... :-/)
dmaze >
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