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Re: Help(!) with Slink install -- disk repartitioning problem

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, John Pearson wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 11:41:55PM -0400, Christopher Lee wrote
> > 
> > *cc me on any replys, since I am not subscribed to debian-user*
> > 
> > Please read this if you know something about hard-disk partitioning,
> > and think you can tell us where the "mystery 2 Gigs" went.  My wife is
> > a little stressed-out that I may be messing-up her computer....
> > 
> > I'm installing Slink on my wife's laptop (I have the CDs lying around,
> > and will upgrade it to Potato later).  She has a HP Omnibook 4150
> > Laptop with a 10Gig HD running Windows 95, which I am modifying to
> > work as a dual-boot machine.
> > 
> [snip]
> The long and the short of it is that cfdisk doesn't deal
> properly with disks over 8Gb; you should use the comand line
> fdisk to create the partition, just as you used it to delete the
> fips'd partition.  Don't forget to create a swap partition, as
> well as a Linux partition.

Not so 'debian' solution, but this might work: 
You might try using for the first install Corel 1.1. That might be able to
find all the lost part of the disk. It is based on debian, so you can go
back to debian from corel. You can find the whole corel thing from the
internet or by one cheap cd from cheapbytes or... 

If it isn't working you'll loose very little anyway. 


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