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Re: Font corruption under X - possibly solved!

Mike Werner wrote:
> Rogerio Brito wrote:
> > On Jul 08 2000, Mike Werner wrote:
> > 	Try it and let us know.
> If I can ever get the package downloaded I will - I'm currently getting
> *really* low throughput.

It's now installed.  I ran the combo that eariler caused that corruption
instantly, and the display survived!  Everything seems to be running just as
well as it did with the SVGA server, so I'll tentatively call this problem
solved.  Thank you Rogerio for spurring me to go ahead and try this server.

To recap for anyone that missed the beginning of the thread - I was having
odd font corruption in X, with an S3 Virge/DX vid card and the SVGA server. 
Switching to the S3V server appears to have solved the problem, in spite of
the "warning" in the description of the S3V server package.
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