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FTP, MASQ, certian hosts timeout

For some reason, with some ftp hosts my FTPs will timeout when I try to go
to them, every single time.  Other hosts work perfectly fast every single

I've got two particular hosts that I work with all the time.  A Sun OS box
with one ISP that works perfect.  The second is a Linux box with a
different ISP that is slow.

Traceroutes to both ISPs actually show a closer and faster connection to
the linux box.

My gateway is a Debian 2.2 masq'd firewall (kernel 2.2.14).

>From my PC behind the masq, my pc will timeout going to the ISP with the
linux box. If I go to the linux box from a unix machine behind the masq,
it will say it connected to the ISP but it will wait about 5 minutes
before it prompts for a username.  Once I'm connected, transfers are as
fast as they should be.

When I access both of these ISPs from home (DSL) I can connect immediately
without any hesitation from either of them.

I can ssh to both ISPs without this 5 min delay.  It is specific to FTP.
Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?


Chris Wood                         Kitco, Inc.
801-489-2097                       Wencor West, Inc.
[cwood@wencor.com]                 Durham Aircraft Services

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