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Re: Font corruption under X

Ashley Clark wrote:
> What video card are you using? I noticed this on a cheap S3
> Virge/something (dx i think), upgrading my video card to a Matrox G200
> seems to have solved the problem so I suspect it had something to do
> with the S3V implementation of the SVGA X server, but I'm still only
> guessing.

Looks like that's it, alright.  I just popped my case to double-check, and I
am indeed using an S3 Virge/DX vid card with the SVGA server.  ::sigh::
Well, at least it looks like I now know what the problem is.  I'll check the
bug tracking system - if this hasn't already been filed maybe I'll go ahead
and file one against the SVGA server.

I'm still planning on getting a better vid card at some point - the Matrox
line sounds quite promising.  But it'll be long enough till I can afford a
new card that I'll not worry about it for a while.  Till then, I'll just try
and put up with my current card.  Who knows - perhaps the SVGA server in
XFree86 4.0 will work better with this chip.

Thanks for the speedy reply.
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