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how to load imm module automatically at mount time?

I've compiled the imm (zip drive) driver as a module and it works
great. But I want it to work even better. I want it to be loaded exactly
when I type 'mount /zip'. Nothing less, nothing more. Is this possible?
Right now I have to type 'modprobe imm' as root and then 'mount /zip'.
If I just say 'mount /zip' I get 
	mount: /dev/sdc4 is not a valid block device
but the console doesn't say anything about unresolved aliases, which
suggests that it cannot be done. 
The reason I thought it might work is because functionally similar things
are possible, for example when I type 'mpg123 foo.mp3' the sb.o module gets
loaded, etc. 
The reason I want it to work is because I hate getting those error messages
when the driver is loaded automatically and there's no disk in the drive:
	Jul 27 16:33:07 cr275960-a kernel: sdc : READ CAPACITY failed. 
and so on..


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