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Re: Helix Gnome vs Debian Gnome -- worth the upgrade?

>>>>> "Edwin" == Edwin Lau <lauedw@sympatico.ca> writes:

    Edwin> Hi everyone, I am using the unstable debian release.
    Edwin> Having read the news group for a while, I noticed that a
    Edwin> lot of people like the Helix Gnome stuff.  My question is
    Edwin> if I upgrade to Helix Gnome now rather than to wait for the
    Edwin> new Debian Gnome to come out, would that introduce problems
    Edwin> in upgrading later on?  coz I saw that the version number
    Edwin> used by Helix is a bit different from Debian.  Would that
    Edwin> be a problem for next upgrade?

I have been told that there are "unofficial" Debian packages available
from Helix's website (or somewhere around there). Not sure about woody
yet though.

I suspect these should install fine, and worse case, if you have any
problems, just go back to what you know works.

I have never tried it myself though...
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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