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Re: How stable is WINE?

Cameron Matheson wrote:

>I'm waiting for the new Debian to come out, and I need some information
>about WINE.  In Potato, how stable is WINE?

In my experience the wine currently in potato is as stable as any version of
wine I've used, and better than most. However, it is classified as alpha
software for a very good reason. It comes nowhere near running all windows
software. Each monthly snapshot improves some aspects but often breaks
something that worked previously; very much a two steps forward one step
back process.

>Does it run better than windoze?  Also, What's the speed like, is it as
>fast as the app would run in windoze?

No and no. If it works at all with a given application then it works well
enough, but you may have to work around an annoying bug or two (like
shift-clicking the mouse occasionally freezing the app or even crashing X).
Speed is sufficient considering the source is full of debugging code and not
optimised in any way.

If you are looking for a general replacement for windows that runs whatever
windows runs then expect to be disappointed. If you have a specific
application you need to use then the only way to find out if it will run
under wine is to try it. If you have trouble then ask for help on


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