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dpkg won't remove a kernel-image package

     I installed bo from scratch, using the base disks.  This
installed kernel-image-2.0.30 and /etc/modules.  I have subsequently
compiled (*) a custom kernel 2.0.30 that doesn't require any modules, and
would like to remove the distribution kernel image, /etc/modules, and
any other related files.  When I try to remove kernel-image-2.0.30
with either dpkg or dselect, I get the message: "Can Not remove
running kernel image (version 2.0.30)".  

     Actually I am running the kernel that I compiled, not the one
from the kernel-image package, but there is no way for dpkg to know
this.  I use loadlin, so I do not even require a copy of the kernel or
of the System.map in my root partition.

     How can I get rid of this package?

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