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DNS setup

I am trying to setup my Linux machine as a server on a local network. 
 Later on I will be connecting to the Internet by dial-up.  At the 
moment I have set the Linux box up as the gateway and dns server and 
it is also the server on the network. I am using debian of 
course (kernel 2.0.30).

I want to be able to connect to the linux box using both windows 95 
machines and windows 3.x machines.  At the moment I am having hassles 
setting up bind.  I have read the dns howto and have got some of it 
setup.  At the moment the 95 machines are able to connect to the 
linux machine if I use the ip address and as long as I have entries 
for each machine in the zone files.  I am unable to connect usig the 
host name or domain name.  I would like to know what I have to put in 
what files so that it will work properly.  I would also like to know 
how to se tthe dns up so that I don't have to have entries for each 
machine that it going to connect as I don't think it is right. :)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Sean Preston =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= spreston@icon.co.za

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