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Re: diald & cached webpages

David Stern wrote:

> development group seems to have dried up just before caldera took it
> on, but I'll do what I can to make old ties, and maybe even see about
> WindowMaker-izing it (WindowMaker stole most of the AfterStep
> development group).

Thanks, I did not know this.. I wondered why it was becoming harder and
harder to find afterstep stuph out there.  Maybe I'll switch my desktop
to WindowMaker.  
> One problem which I'm encountering right now is that wwwoffle wants
> glibc6, and I've been taking the moderate approach to upgrades, i.e.:
> the latest stable.  So, I'm thinking of running a squid version since
> wwwoffle requires glibc6, but there's a squid version that'll use 5.  I
> like glibc6, I just don't want the pains of an unstable release, even
> though I have room for a spare distro on my hd.

Sometimes you might be surprised at what you can do by compiling the
program yourself.  The gimp .99.15 package in the Debian distribution
claims it needs libc6, but if you get the source distribution yourself
you will find it compiles just fine under libc5.

This may also be the case with wwwoffle.  To be honest, wwwoffle sounds
to be the more intelligent solution anyways.

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