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dselect & other install issues.

I've just installed 1.3.1 with my shiny new CDROM set so please don't
tell me that Debian GNU/Linux version 2.0.0 is due out next week.

My first use of dselect was interesting but seemed to work out fine
when I worked out how to display a list of "All" packages installed or
not. However I ran it a second time just to familiarise myself with it
and when I went to quit I accidentally selected "Install".

As expected the program starting flying throught the list of programs
but it never seemed to stop. My screen saver activated twice as I was
waiting for the program to stop. I'm not sure what the default time
the screensaver is set to but it took ages before I decided that the
program was in an infinite loop and pressed Ctrl-C to cancel.

No harm seems to have been done. All of the programs I remember
installing work fine.  I used the dpkg utility to install the
staroffice.xxxxxx.deb and netscape.xxxxx.deb wrapper programs and they
seem to work fine too, thanks to a scan of the debian-user archives.

Can anyone give me a brief run-down on these files from
/var/lib/dpkg  OR point me to a doc that will tell me more about how
package management works under Debian.

available              576,252
available-old          576,252
cmethopt                    13
diversions                 112
diversions-old              57
lock                         0
methlock                     0
predep-package               0
status                 232,180
status-old             232,158

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