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Re: How can I use PPP connection?

Adalberto da Silva wrote:

> Well, your second point is somewhat cryptic for me.
>         I've installed some programs, I rolled a new kernel with ppp support
> and related stuff.
>         But I must confess: where are those network configuration files? I wish
> the time I spent with OS's (or quite-OS's...) that don't ask me for
> manual edit of configuration files had made me a little lazy... I've
> been reading to fix this fault but I get confused quite often.

Most of the files you will need to edit reside in the /etc directory.  For starters the basic files would involve:

resolv.conf (for use of a name server)

Usually distributions come with a method for easy configuration of your network.  Try doing a search for 'netconfig' in your
filesystem.  I am aware that Slackware has this sort of thing, but unsure about Debian.

Other help can be found in the Network-HOWTO which on Debian should reside under /usr/doc/FAQ somewhere.

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