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Re: /etc/init.d/network

Did you try sticking an "ifconfig" in at the end of /etc/init.d/network to
see if the interface is up at that particular moment?

Maybe something else is shutting it down somewhere else....  ???


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From: stick@richnet.net <stick@richnet.net>
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Date: Thursday, November 13, 1997 2:18 PM
Subject: /etc/init.d/network

>Howdy all.
>I've got one machine that's really got me stumped.  I've been with
>Debian since before 0.91 was released - I've installed Debian on
>several systems, many times.  Yet this one's tough...
>The systems is running on an AMI Titan III M/B w/ 32MB RAM.  Dual
>Pentium Processors (so I guess they both will choke on that opcode...:)
>two quantum 3.2GB SCSI drives plus the usual complement of Floppy/CD-ROM/
>tape drive.
>I've had two network cards in this machine: first, an HP 100VG PCI and
>then an Eagle NE2000 ISA.  Both exhibit the same problem.  Which is...
>When the system boots /etc/init.d/network is run (I know this is true
>because I added some echo statements & watched the screen while it booted.)
>Anyway, after I boot the eth0 interface is not setup.  If I run
>network by hand afterwards, everything is fine.  I've checked, double-
>checked, and even had a friend check that there were no hardware conflicts.
>Interrupts and IO addresses are all fine.  I've tried compiling the drivers
>into the kernel and as loadable modules - nothing seems to help this
>Does anyone have any suggestions?  I can provide several K bytes worth of
>if someone wants to take a look at them.  So far everything's fairly
>out of the box on this system.  Running "the Official Debian CD" release
>1.3.1, though I've recently started migrating to the libc6 tree.
>Comments and suggestions welcome.
>Chuck Stickelman, Owner E-Mail: <stick@richnet.net>
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>9 Chambers Road FAX: (419) 529-3625
>Mansfield, OH 44906-1302 USA
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TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THIS MAILING LIST: e-mail the word "unsubscribe" to
debian-user-request@lists.debian.org . 
Trouble?  e-mail to templin@bucknell.edu .

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