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Re: "infinite loop in interrupt"

Aaron Brick wrote:

> Hello everybody....
> this may be more of a hardware question. i frequently see the error
> message "eth0: Infinite loop in interrupt, status 2011." on my terminal;
> however, the network connection is fine. what should i do to make whatever
> is causing that error stop reporting it?
> thanks.
> aaron.

Addendum to former message (I pasted the wrong thing). :
eth0: Infinite loop in interrupt, status 2011.

     These are "mostly harmless" message indicating that the driver had too
much work during
     that interrupt cycle. With a status of 0x2011 you are receiving packets
faster than they can
     be removed from the card. This should be rare or impossible in normal

     Possible problems are
          a "green" mode enabled that slows the processor down when there is
no keyboard
          some other device or device driver hogging the bus or disabling
interrupts. Check
          /proc/interrupts for excessive interrupt counts. The timer tick
interrupt should always
          be incrementing faster than the others.


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