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Re: diald vs ipmasquerade

"Brian M. Rectanus" wrote:
  >> At 09:38 AM 11/22/97 +0000, Chuma Agbodike wrote:
  >> >Do diald and ipmasquerading serve the same purpose ?
  >> >Or do I have to use both ? I have a 3 node ethernet lan.
  >> >The all had windows on them. Now I installed Linux 2.0.29 (debian 1.3)
  >> >on the unit that has the modem on it. And would like the other units
  >> >to access the internet via the modem on LINUX unit.
  >> >So I have diald running on the linux. The windows node have the
  >> >linux unit as their gateway. But if I ping an IP diald doesn't dial.
  >You cannot ping an IP.  You have to ping an address that must be looked up
  >Otherwise diald assumes that the ip in on your local net and no dial is

I don't understand what you are saying here.  Diald works on the basis of
IP addresses only.  If you ping a name, the very first thing that happens
is that gethostbyname() is called to look up the IP address from the name.
That _may_ involve a nameserver lookup across the network or it may be
relovable from cached data.  If it is not cached it will send a query to 
external nameservers, and that will cause diald to start the link.
Equally, diald will start the link if it receives any other kind of 
packet for a remote site, provided that you have your routing correct.
(Don't forget that it has to call the nameserver itself in that manner.)

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