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Re: diald & cached webpages

David Stern wrote:

> I've also noticed that since the last Enlightenment release, some of
> the WM and AStep crowd are now switching to E!.  I think this was
> partially because the last release was a major in the development
> cycle, but also partially due to redhat hiring E!'s author, which was
> regarded as a hopeful sign that easier configuration would not be far
> off.  I've heard that the performance and stability is now tolerable,
> but haven't heard anything about it's longstanding functionally
> challenged condition.  E! still uses quite a bit of memory and cpu
> grunt, too.  I guess it's supposed to look so good it doesn't matter.
> There are several new, unique, attractive desktop accompaniments for E!
> now, also.
> David

I plan on running E only when I attain more CPU power and a better video
card than the one I currently have.  Afterstep has done me ok on this
particular configuration.. so it's sad to hear that development is at a
stand-still.  However if WM get some stable stuff out there, I might
switch... right now I'm pondering WM and the KDE.  KDE looks like it
could be a very nice integrated desktop (if they pull off all those

Anyways.. nice bouncing these ideas off of you..

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