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hardcrack compile problems

Hi everybody, I am trying to compile hardcrack from sunsite.  I am running
into a little problem.  Here is the error that I am getting:

gcc   -DALT_ECB -O6 -mpentium -funroll-all-loops   -c cbc_cksm.c -o
cc1: Invalid option `pentium'
make: *** [cbc_cksm.o] Error 1

I have not changeed anythng in the source I put it in /usr/src/hardcrack.
The instruction say to do 'make' and I do and that is when I run into
problems.  If anybody could help me that would be great.  Need more info
email.  I am using kernel v2.0.31 and gcc2.7.something.  Any insight
would be great.

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