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Diamond 2500, drivers, & XF86Config

I have installed a 2mb stealth video 2500.  It works--sort of.

I'm having no problem with getting it to launch in 1280x1024 or
1024x780.  But it's full of artifacts, horizontal lines about 5 or 8
pixels long.

I'm using debian hamm, which is the developer/unstable release, with
libc6, xfree 3.3.1, and xserver_SVGA 3.3.1

After looking through deja news, I found a driver from the manufacturer,
an SVGA with support for this chipset (AT24) [at

However, I understand from the docs that this chipset is supposed to be
supported by 3.3.1 anyway.

After installing the replacement driver, I find that I have to start
editing XF86Config.

at 49, it doesn't like:  

     Config Error: /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XF86Config:49

        XkbRules        "xfree86"

At about line 169, i have to comment out XkbDisable.  At 187, It doesn't
like "XkbOptions "ctrl:nocaps".   And 10 lines later, I have to comment
out ' XkbKeymap   "xfree86(us)"':

Finally, it complains first that it can't set the font path, and then
crashes as it fails to load a fixed font.



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